What to Expect at Your 341 Meeting

The 341 Meeting, also called the meeting of creditors, is a meeting that takes place around 20 to 40 days after your bankruptcy case is filed. At this meeting the case trustee assigned to your case and any creditors who wish to attend will be present. The case trustee will ask you a series of questions, and any creditor who attends may ask questions of you as well.

Many debtors worry a great deal about the 341 Meeting. However, though the Meeting is extremely important and required to receive your discharge, it is typically also very straightforward. The questions will be based upon the information in papers, and since all of that information was sworn to under penalty of perjury, there should be no issues as long as you continue on the path of telling the truth.

The trustee will call your case, and you and your attorney will go forward. The trustee will place you (and your spouse, if filing jointly) under oath, verify your forms of identification, and go through a series of questions. He or she is looking to confirm that the information in the petition is true and complete and that nothing has been intentionally or unintentionally left out. If there are any errors, or any amendments need to be filed, this is your opportunity to tell the trustee. Listen carefully to the questions you are being asked, and answer truthfully.

Most meetings last only a handful of minutes, and, provided that you tell the truth and cooperate with your attorney and the trustee afterwards, the meeting itself should not pose any issue in achieving your goal of receiving your bankruptcy discharge.

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