What We Do

Once we determine that you have the right to bring a claim, an attorney will meet with you at one of our conveniently located offices. If necessary because of your injuries, our attorney will meet with you at home or in the hospital.

We will investigate the accident and evaluate your medical records. We also review similar cases that have resulted in substantial awards for the injured party.

During this time, you do not have to worry about our fees. Our firm makes the full investment of time and money to win justice for you, and we are only paid if we win your case.

Sometimes, a lawsuit can be avoided by a pre-suit settlement if we can show the defendant’s insurance company that your victory is a certainty. Although we are always prepared to go to trial, most cases are settled out-of-court. So, you will not necessarily have to make a court appearance.

We move forward as quickly as possible on your case. Utilizing our knowledge and experience, we can often avoid common delays as we strive for an early court date. Since many settlements occur just before trial, it makes sense to push toward a resolution.

What your settlement will be based on

The main factors affecting compensation are the medical costs to treat your injuries, the wages you have lost and will lose due to the injury, and the pain, suffering and physical restrictions that have become a part of your life. We believe it is important for attorneys to detail the full impact injuries have on clients, so we will ask you to keep us informed.


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