Are you in debt and struggling to make ends meet?


If you are struggling financially, you should know you’re not alone. Many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and having a hard time paying their bills. When your expenses exceed what you earn, debt can quickly pile up and become an overwhelming burden on your life.

When Debt Happens

When you find yourself in debt and already struggling to make ends meet, it can be difficult to find the money to pay your creditors.  At this point, a lot of people end up defaulting on their debts.  Before long, creditors start calling to collect.

Does this sound familiar?  If so, you may be in financial trouble.  Let us help you decide what to do.

Should I file Bankruptcy?

The decision to file bankruptcy is a very personal one.  It is also a decision that will impact you and potentially your family, for years to come.  With that in mind, before you file for bankruptcy, it is important for you to understand your options.  You should also understand what life after bankruptcy will be like.  If you think you are ready, let us help you answer the question you may be asking; “should I file bankruptcy?”

Should I file?Telling the Truth

What are my options when it comes to bankruptcy and debt relief?

When it comes to filing bankruptcy, there are two options to consider. Before you decide which to pursue, we recommend you talk with an experienced bankruptcy attorney from our team. We will review your case and help determine which type of bankruptcy will work best for you under your circumstances.

In general, there are two solutions to consider:

Chapter 7 BankruptcyChapter 13 Bankruptcy
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    I would like to extend our thanks to each and everyone of you for all you have done for us. You have given our lives back to us. The understanding, compassion, and sincerity you have shown to us made this transition bearable.

    J.C.Batavia, NY

    This settlement will allow me to open my own business to support my family since I will not physically be able to continue my career as a roofer. And the large payment I receive when I reach 60 will fund my retirement.

    Michael C.Buffalo, NY
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