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Employee Sues Weis Markets for Race Discrimination

Jason Allen, a black employee at Weis Markets’ Milton warehouse, alleges Weis of unlawful race discrimination in employee hiring and promotions.  Mr. Allen has been a Weis employee since 2012 and claims that he has repeatedly been passed over for promotion in favor of similarly situated or less qualified Caucasian employees.

Mr. Allen claims that the company’s discriminatory practice is evident in the racial imbalance of the workforce, supervisory staff, and management.  He also accuses the executive leadership of not maintaining a zero tolerance policy for racial discrimination, even though they have one for other types of discrimination, including sexual harassment.

Mr. Allen also states that he has endured a racially hostile work environment, including a co-worker who referred to him using the “N” word.  At his request, Mr. Allen was transferred to a different department after he reported the incident to his supervisor, but the co-worker who made the comment followed him weeks later.

Mr. Allen is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages that would include the pay he would have received if he had been promoted.