Increasing Car Safety

Increasing Car Safety

In the United States, 34,000 people die each year on roads. Although the best thing you can do for yourself is to wear a seat belt each and every time you get into a car, improved technology in airbags and pre-crash warnings, for example, has increased safety as well.

When you’re driving, always obey posted speed limits and avoid any distractions and drunk driving. No matter how prepared you are, however, accidents can still happen. Your age, in large part, determines where you would be most safe in a car.

If you are younger, you should sit in the backseat. The middle backseat is the safest place for a car seat, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that’s where children under age 13 sit.

Adult passengers are safer in the front than the back of a car. Chest injuries are much more significant in older riders, and improved airbag technology actually makes the front of a car safer for adults.

Refusing to wear a seatbelt increases your risk for serious injury eight times.