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Millions Obtained For Injured Clients

By January 9, 2018January 11th, 2018Firm News

Over the past two years, the Personal Injury Department at Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys has successfully helped numerous injured clients receive the compensation deserved after suffering significant and life-changing injuries caused by the fault of others. Below, we highlight just a few:

  • Prior to trial, we secured a settlement providing income for life, payment of all past and future medical expenses, and payment for past and permanent future pain and suffering in a medical malpractice lawsuit where our young client’s serious illness was not timely diagnosed.  This lead to further complications and injury.  Now, the client will be able to support his wife and two children, and be compensated for what he and his family have endured. Terms of the settlement prevent disclosing the actual amount.
  • Recently, we negotiated a $750,000.00 settlement for a 29 yr. old client who slipped and fell at a popular chain restaurant.  The employees had wet-mopped floor, but failed to place any signs warning of the hazardous condition.  The video told the story.  Our client had overcome a below-the-knee amputation, was working full-time, and enjoying activities with his family when he fell.  The settlement compensated him for his pain and suffering, loss of income, and the impact on his life.  The initial offer was $30,000.00.
  • We settled a lawsuit in federal court for a driver seriously injured in an accident with a tractor trailer.  The client received significant and substantial  monies for his past and future loss of income, his medical expenses, his permanent injuries, and the impact the accident had on his life and family. Terms of the settlement prevent disclosing the actual amount.
  • On the eve of trial, we obtained almost $500,000.00 for a truck driver who was injured when a gantry crane lifted his truck off the ground during unloading at a dock in New Jersey.  The initial offer was only $50,000.00.
  • Last summer, we obtained a substantial settlement in a lawsuit when a woman fell on construction debris at a local mall.  She fractured the upper part of her left arm, and required surgery to repair it.  She was left with pain, and loss of motion in the shoulder.  Plastic wrapping had escaped a fenced in a construction area and laid across part of the sidewalk.  When our client attempted to walk around the plastic, the wind lifted it, causing the plastic to reach out and tackle her to the ground.  Following the client’s deposition testimony, and with the aid of a surveillance video which captured the incident, we were able to successfully negotiate a substantial settlement from the construction company’s insurance company to pay all of the client’s past medical expenses, and to compensate her for her past and future pain and suffering, and the permanent effect on her life. Terms of the settlement prevent disclosing the actual amount.
  • Within the past month, we settled a case for $200,000.00 for a slip and fall injury.  The 62 yr. old client, who lived in a duplex, was carrying laundry to the basement when he fell on an alleged defective stair.  He broke his ankle, had surgery, and missed time from work.  The insurance company initially refused to offer any money to the client, blaming him for the fall.  However, as we moved further with the case, we convinced the insurance company that a jury would likely award substantial monies to our client given the severity of the injury and the potential of a defect with the stair.  The insurance company ultimately agreed to settle the matter.  

In addition, we are happy to advise that we recently redesigned the Jeffrey Freedman website. We believe that you will find it much easier to contact the Firm, to quickly find answers to common questions and issues facing persons injured in a car accident, or in a slip and fall on someone’s property, or injured at work due to the fault of others, or injured in other ways.