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mySocial Security makes managing your Social Security account easy

This week the Social Security Administration is celebrating “mySocial Security,” which is an online tool that helps workers keep tabs on their Social Security account.  MySocial Security is a free, secure account that allows employees to check their earnings records, get estimates for their future retirement, and see what disability benefits they may be eligible for, should they no longer be able to work.  You can also change your contact information, set up electronic payments, and obtain forms and verification letters at, once you have your mySocial Security account.

It’s a digital world — we manage our bank, investment and credit card accounts online — now we can manage our Social Security accounts online.  By the end of April 2015, almost 19 million people had opened mySocial Security accounts.  If you don’t have yours, why not join this week and start planning for retirement or managing your benefits online? Sign up at