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Racing Video Games and Real-Life Driving Skills

By September 13, 2019Personal Injury
Racing Video Games and Real-Life Driving Skills

New data shows that people who enjoy playing racing video games are actually worse drivers in real life. Since 1980, video games have played a large role in the lives of children and adults alike. Racing games, specifically, are particularly popular. But research from the United Kingdom indicates a love for racing video games can make you a worse driver on the road.

People who play racing games are more likely to receive fines for driving infractions and be involved in accidents. Over one-fifth of respondents to the polling company, Censuswide, said they used moves learned in games in real life and were far more likely to speed when driving.

Racing gamers are also 1.3 times more likely to be involved in car accidents. The games seem to give players an inflated sense of their own abilities when driving cars, and they are, subsequently, more likely to speed and crash.

Conflicting studies, however, indicate racing games might actually improve real drivers’ response times and, therefore, make them more likely to be able to avoid a potential accident.