What Qualifies as a Physical Disability?

Are you a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor or other health care provider who has patients who can no longer work? When you see patients who are too ill or disabled to work and who are facing financial devastation and need Social Security Disability benefits, you want do everything possible to help them get those benefits.

Referring them to a qualified legal firm such as Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys, PLLC ensures their claim will be filed in a timely manner with all documentation required by the Social Security Administration. Statistics show that claimants who have representation are more often successful in their claims and receive their benefits more quickly than those who file without an attorney.

Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys, PLLC has won benefits for more than 15,000 claimants and their families since 1980. Our expertise covers all stages of the disability process, including initial application, hearing, and appeals.

Your Role

As your patient progresses through the application process, you will be asked to provide the following supporting information:

  • Detailed documentation of your patient’s condition and limitations that prevent him or her from working
  • Copies of your treatment notes, in as much detail as you can provide. It is helpful if these notes can be in terms that a lay person can understand
  • When needed, referrals to specialists and for diagnostic testing that is necessary to support your patient’s case
  • A residual functional capacity form or other statements related to the ability of your patient to perform daily activities

Individuals who can no longer work and must go through the SSD application process typically run into severe financial difficulties. They are responsible for all co-pays or charges for treatment, for the completion of forms, and for copying records. Attorney fees are paid out of the claimants’ past due benefits, only when the claimant is awarded benefits. The amount of these fees is limited by the Social Security Administration.

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