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VA Health Care Claim

By January 25, 2019VA Disability
VA Health Care Claim

John Henry Schneider used to practice neurosurgery in Iowa City.  He is now serving a sentence in federal prison after being sued for medical malpractice.  Tony French, a Marine who retired in 1998, was one of Dr. Schneider’s unfortunate patients.

Almost twenty years after he retired, Tony French underwent an MRI on his neck because cartilage no longer separated vertebrae in his upper neck.  A radiologist found a brain tumor that could result in blindness, and Mr. French was sent to a neurologist.

Mr. French went in for surgery to have the tumor removed in July 2017, but Dr. Schneider never removed it.  After Dr. Schneider resigned from the VA hospital where he practiced in Iowa City, no one ever told Mr. French what had happened.  He was merely called back in the following year to see a different neurosurgeon and was told that the surgeons were not comfortable removing the tumor because of bone overgrowth and scar tissue.

Mr. French then went to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota where he received further treatment.  The VA accepted fault, and Mr. French has filed an administrative tort claim against the agency.