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Workers’ Compensation Claims Increase

Summer is an incredible season, and in Buffalo, we pack a lot into a very short amount of time when the weather cooperates. We attend baseball games and patronize ice cream stands along with many other outdoor activities. But with increased summer fun comes increased workers’ compensation claims, at least in restaurants.

According to AmTrust Financial Services, the highest reported rates of workers’ compensation claims come in June, July, and August. This increase is due to the fact that the restaurant industry workforce almost doubles during those months, and many of those workers are inexperienced and more prone to accidents because they tend not to have spent as much time working in that field.

Matthew Zender, who is the project manager and senior vice president at AmTrust, explains: “If you’re bringing somebody in and they’re only working for you from June to August, they’re not going to be as familiar with the operation, and they also don’t have as much loyalty toward the firm.”

Injured employees take an average of 30 days to return to the restaurant industry, and injuries to wrists and hands take the longest time to heal. And people working for tips tend to return to work faster than those who do not.

Coffee shops and cafes experience the most lost time. Sudden influxes of customers at certain times of days and close quarters increase the number of accidents there.