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Representing your sexual abuse case with confidentiality


Were you or a loved one sexually abused as a child? Recent changes in New York State law make it easier for survivors of childhood sexual abuse to pursue justice.

Sexual abuse at the hands of clergy members, teachers, doctors, coaches, and other leaders can result in physical and mental consequences that last long past childhood. Living with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, low self-esteem and other ramifications of childhood sexual abuse impact your quality of life, even decades later. 

Pursuing a criminal or civil case with the help of a sexual abuse lawyer can provide monetary compensation. Reaching justice can also offer you and your family healing and closure. Working with an experienced attorney helps you understand your rights as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. We will also explain your legal options and the potential outcomes of each. Our attorneys always treat your case with the upmost confidentiality.

Who is Eligible?

If you believe you experienced sexual abuse by a clergy member, teacher, doctor, coach or other leader as a child, we encourage you to contact us. Our lawyers will review your specific case for free. Together, we will determine if you or your loved one is eligible for compensation.

In the past, survivors could only pursue legal action against their abusers until the age of 23. New York State’s Child Victims Act substantially extends this statute of limitations. In addition, the Act includes a year-long “look-back period” that allows any victim, regardless of age, to file a lawsuit against their abuser, and/or their abuser’s employer or organization.

Hiring an Attorney

Navigating the legal process to reach a settlement with your abuser adds extra stress to heartbreaking circumstances. Choosing a trustworthy, experienced attorney to guide you through proceedings reduces the toll on you and your family. Rest assured your case will be handled confidentially and we will work to deliver the compensation and justice you deserve.

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