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Veterans Disability FAQs

If I receive Veteran’s benefits, am I eligible for Social Security benefits too?

While you can receive both benefits at the same time, securing Veteran’s benefits doesn’t automatically make you eligible for Social Security benefits or vice versa.  Each program has their own requirements and application process.  You’ll need to review each program’s requirements to determine your eligibility.

Will Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys help me with the application process?  Or do I have to wait until my claim has been denied?

We are happy to talk with you at any point in the process.  Please contact us for a free consultation whenever you are concerned about obtaining benefits.

Can you represent Veteran’s in other states besides New York?

Yes we have relationships across the country which allows us to fight for you anywhere in the nation.

How long does the VA typically take to decide on a claim?

It can take months, even up to a year for the VA to decide on a claim.  We can try to expedite the process for you by ensuring you have all the necessary documentation upfront so that when your case is reviewed, the VA has a clear picture of your health and can make a determination on your case without having to ask for more information.

Can I work and receive Veteran’s benefits?

Yes you can.

My Veteran’s benefits claim was denied.  Now what?

You have the option to file an appeal.  If your claim has been denied, contact us for a free consultation.

My spouse died as a result of a military injury. What am I entitled to? 

There are a number of benefits available to surviving spouses.  You may be entitled to ongoing benefits including pension, educational assistance programs, home loans, burial support and more.

Will you represent someone that is the victim of Military Sexual Trauma?

Yes, Military Sexual Trauma is now being recognized by the VA and we would be happy to represent you.

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