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The Importance of Safety Walkarounds

By | Workers Compensation

One of the best ways management can demonstrate commitment to a safe work environment is by conducting safety walkarounds periodically.  OSHA states that safety walkarounds serve two purposes: 1) to show that management is engaged; and 2) to allow managers to see firsthand how their company’s safety and health programs…

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#metoo and EEOC Success

By | Employment Discrimination

As a result of the #metoo movement and the heightened awareness surrounding sexual harassment, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reports a 50% increase in lawsuits challenging sexual harassment over fiscal year 2017. Additionally, the number of EEOC Charges of Discrimination alleging sexual harassment increased by almost 12% over the…

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VA Shoplifting in Ohio

By | VA Disability

Something strange seems to be happening in VA hospitals in Ohio.  Since 2014, expensive medical equipment has been vanishing, literally without a trace, and the value of the missing items ranges from $90,000 to over $300,000 per item. These losses are concerning when you consider that the VA has spent…

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Aging into Bankruptcy

By | Bankruptcy & Debt Relief

We live in a society where we trade our labor for money in order to survive; therefore, it is part of the natural course that as we age, our ability to support ourselves financially declines.  Without a strong social safety net, only those with savings can retire comfortably. As a…

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Just How Injured Are You?

By | Personal Injury

If you suffer an injury from an accident, you will likely find that medical assessments and legal assessments of your injury are not the same.  You’ll hear the term “serious injury claim” thrown around and will probably wonder what that means. The simple truth is that getting injured and admitted…

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