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Attorney Referrals

Throughout the claims process, we provide quarterly reports to the attorneys who refer cases to us. Upon case conclusion, we send a portion of the attorney’s fee directly to the referring attorney, or to any charity he or she may designate. This is done with the client’s written consent and after full disclosure.

  • Under the rules of attorney ethics, we pay competitive referral fees.
  • We are willing to work with you under co-counsel arrangements.
  • We provide reports to the attorneys who have referred cases to us.
  • Our only interest is in helping your clients with SSDI or SSI claims. We will not interfere with your attorney/client relationship.
  • Our extensive experience in SSDI and SSI means we can serve your clients efficiently and effectively.
  • You can be updated on the status of a case at any time, either by email or another method.
  • Our client fees are limited to the 25 percent of past-due benefits or $7,200 (whichever is lower) set by Social Security.

Refer a Case

  • Tell your client you would like to refer them to Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys, PLLC because we focus on SSDI and SSI claims and have obtained benefits for more than 21,000 clients.
  • Ask your client if you can share the information you have regarding his or her case with us, and ask him or her to call us as soon as possible at 716-856-7091. When he or she calls he or she should give us your name as the referring attorney.
  • You should also contact us with your client’s name, address, phone number(s), and any other pertinent information. We have a convenient online form to assist you in doing so.

Our Responsibility

We will attempt to make contact with your client within one business day of receiving your referral. We’ll also advise you regarding our ability to assist with the claim and give you a confirmation regarding referral or co-counsel fees. You should know that the Social Security Administration currently has a backlog of cases, and at this time it typically takes almost two years to get a decision from an administrative law judge. However, be assured we will keep you apprised of the status of your client’s claim throughout the process.

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"I was able to win my SSD case in 5 months due to cancer. We've been struggling to make ends meet due to the high medical costs when I was working, but we wouldn't be able to pay our bills if I didn't win this case. I am very grateful to the paralegal, Allison, who worked very hard with the attorney to get this settled quickly! "


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