What is SSDI?

Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI, is program for disabled workers that have paid FICA payroll taxes for a specific number of years. SSDI is not an entitlement program or welfare.   It is generally available to anyone that can no longer work due to a disability and has paid in to the Social Security system.  Once you have met the criteria for contributions you are considered “insured” but still need to meet additional criteria before you can receive payments.

What do I need to be eligible for SSDI?

To be eligible for SSDI you must:

  • Have a documented medical condition that meets Social Security’s definition of a disability. Answer these 5 questions to help you decide if you’re considered disabled.
  • Have paid FICA Social Security Tax for ten years or more.
  • Earned enough work credits to qualify for SSDI benefits.
  • Wait five months after you become disabled to receive benefits.
  • Not be over the age of 65.

Are you over age 50 and considering SSDI?  Here’s information specific to your circumstances.

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