The “Dos” and “Don’ts” of Representing Claimants Before the SSA

The “Do’s”

Medical records are critical: Provide the SSA with the names of all medical providers and a list of treatment dates. Fill out all SSA forms completely, including all information about employment or medical histories. Include copies of the medical records: Submit these either with the application or shortly after the claim is filed.

Get a detailed medical source statement: Make sure the statement the treating physician supplies gives a thorough description of the claimant’s medical condition and the specific reasons he or she can no longer work.

Have all medical conditions treated: In making its decision the SSA will look at all of the combined medical conditions. Be sure your client seeks treatment for all of his or her conditions so the SSA can understand the severity of the illness and why the claimant cannot work.

The “Don’ts”

Advise clients to never miss interviews, doctor’s appointments, or hearings. Remind clients to always tell the truth to everyone involved with their claim.