Obtaining Veteran Disability Benefits

If you served in the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, or Navy and were honorably discharged, you are eligible for veterans benefits. If you have a disability as a result of your service, even if you are still working, you may apply for disability compensation.

According to the Veterans Administration website benefits page, the VA “provides compensation to Veterans who are at least 10% disabled because of injuries or diseases that occurred or were aggravated during active military service.”It is important to note that compensation can also be paid for post-service disabilities related to military service, and that mental health conditions (such as PTSD) are also eligible. If you have dependents, and your disability is more that 30%, additional compensation may be available.

The VA uses what is called The Schedule for Rating Disabilities to match your condition with a disabling rating (percent of disability). This list is long and complex. On The Schedule you will find lists of physical injuries and mental conditions that affect the life of a veteran. Those conditions are listed in groups such as bones and joints, gastrointestinal, skin, neurological and so on.Some veterans think they need a severe injury to quality for benefits. Disability compensation is available to any veteran who has a physical, mental illness or injury resulting from military service.

We can help you with The Schedule and determine how to file your claim.

Using The Schedule for Rating Disabilities the VA measures the extent to which a service-related condition interferes with your activities of daily living.

Determining conditions eligible for military benefits

Many vets don’t consider themselves disabled because they can perform many normal functions of life. If you are young, you might think that slight hearing loss you suffered in combat is something you can live with. As you get older, your hearing may continue to decline and seriously inhibit your ability to work or function in social situations. Let the experience and knowledge of Jeffrey Freedman help you file a claim now.There is no time limit for applying for VA disability benefits. If your service was years ago, and you still feel the effect of a condition or have new symptoms you believe come from military service, you can still apply.

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