Worker's Compensation FAQs

How much will I get from worker’s compensation?

The amount of compensation you can receive as an employee through workers’ compensation insurance depends on a couple things, including your average weekly wage, as well as the severity of your injury or illness—meaning how disabled you are. If you are partially disabled by your injury or illness, that means you are capable of doing some sort of work. If you are totally disabled by your injury or illness, that means you are unable to do any kind of work whatsoever.

How long do I have to file a claim? 

You should file your claim within 30 days of your injury.  That said, if you don’t know about your injury or illness right away, you have two years to file a claim.

The Worker’s Compensation website says it’s not necessary to hire an attorney.  Why do I need you?

The workers’ compensation laws contain complex regulations dealing with monetary payments and restrictions on medical treatment. Many times, issues are resolved through medical testimony. A lawyer can guide you through the complex system to help you obtain the benefits which you are entitled to.

Do I have to submit a medical exam to my employer or insurance carrier?

In most cases, yes, your employer and insurance carrier are typically entitled to that information.

Can my insurance carrier contest my claim?

Yes, they can. If your insurance carrier is contesting your claim, they must give a reason why and then a Worker’s Comp Judge will make the final decision.

What happens if someone dies as a result of workplace injury?

If your spouse, child, parent or grandparent died as a result of their workplace injury you must complete a specific form and provide the death certificate.  You’ll also need to provide medical proof that the death was a result of the injury.  If you can do that you may be able to continue receiving payments and/or assistance with funeral expenses.  If someone you love has passed away from a work injury, please contact us for a free consultation.

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