Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will I Receive?

Disability policies are contracts.  The terms of the contract will determine how much compensation you will receive if you become disabled and cannot work.  While it varies from policy to policy, people are usually entitled to 50-60% on their monthly salary.

Do I Have to Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Many long term disability policies will require that you also apply for social security disability benefits from the federal government.  If you are successful in obtaining these benefits, it typically reduces the benefit granted under the disability insurance policy.

When Should I Hire a Disability Attorney?

The sooner the better. The application process for long term disability benefits is very complex. The insurance companies will closely scrutinize each and every statement that you make on the disability claim application. Also, the insurance companies draft the disability contracts in their favor, so it is important to state things in a certain way.

If you have already been denied, we can help you appeal the insurance company’s decision. Sometimes things can be worked out with the insurance company without having to file a lawsuit. Other times, going to court will be necessary to sue the insurance company for a breach of contract.


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