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“I need to take our mutual friend out to dinner to thank her for referring me to you. None of the other attorneys I called would accept my case but you did when I was about to give up hope. I am so glad I called and happy with my settlement.” – Cyndi E.

“This settlement will allow me to open my own business to support my family since I will not physically  be able to continue my career as a roofer. And the large payment I receive when I reach 60 will fund my retirement.” – Michael C.

“I am so happy I decided to accept a structured settlement because my monthly checks increase every ten years and, if I had received all the money at once, I might have blown it.” – Cynthia R.

“I have been able to invest my settlement money in real estate to make a better life for myself and my family in a warmer climate. Without the help of Chris Kerr and the staff at Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys. I never would be where I am today.  What I remember most was that Chris was understanding and compassionate.” – Charles W.

“It took almost two years to settle the personal injury suit. But during that entire time, Mr Kerr told me exactly what to expect, and it all went just as he predicted. I was able to buy a house with the initial payment, and feel secure knowing I will have a steady income for the future. It’s a great relief.” – Kathy S.

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