"Dos and Don’ts" for Increasing your Chances of Winning Benefits

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits is a stressful time. You are unable to work, facing financial difficulties, and dealing with a severe injury or illness. It can be overwhelming, particularly since you are trying to get benefits from a system that you have paid into your entire working life.

Over the past 30 years we have helped more than 15,000 people obtain SSD benefits and know how to increase your chances of a successful claim. We don’t want to see you lose everything you have worked for — your house, your savings, everything you’ve accumulated over the years.

The “Dos”

  • Medical records are critical: provide the SSA with the names of all your medical providers and a list of treatment dates. Fill out all SSA forms completely (no matter how personal the questions), including all information about your employment or medical histories.
  • Include copies of your medical records: submit these either with your application or shortly after you file.
  • Get a detailed medical source statement: make sure the statement that your treating physician supplies gives a thorough description of your medical condition and the specific reasons why you can no longer work.
  • Have all of your medical conditions treated: in making its decision the SSA will look at all of your combined medical conditions. Be sure that you seek treatment for all of your conditions and tell each of your medical providers about all of your symptoms and limitations so that they can understand the severity of your illness and why you can’t work.
  • Be aware that collecting unemployment benefits could affect your ability to receive Social Security Disability benefits.  By applying for or receiving unemployment benefits you are stating that you are ready and able to work.  By applying for SSD benefits, you are indicating that you are unable to work.

The “Don’ts”

  • Never miss interviews, doctor’s appointments, or filing deadlines.
  • Always tell the truth to everyone involved with your claim.

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