Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will I Receive?

2011 VA Disability Compensation Rates for Veterans
Veteran’s Disability Rating Monthly Rate Paid to Veterans

  • 10 percent – $123
  • 20 percent – $243
  • 30 percent – $376
  • 40 percent – $541
  • 50 percent – $770
  • 60 percent – $974
  • 70 percent – $1,228
  • 80 percent – $1,427
  • 90 percent – $1,604
  • 100 percent – $2,673

Veterans with disability ratings of at least 30 percent are eligible for additional allowances for dependents, including spouses, minor children, children between the ages of 18 and 23 who are attending school, children who are permanently incapable of self-support because of a disability arising before age 18, and dependent parents. The additional amount depends on the disability rating and the number of dependents.

When Should I Hire a VA Disability Lawyer?

The sooner the better. The VA disability claims process is extremely complicated and technical. Every statement made will be closely scrutinized by the claims analyst. An experienced attorney will be able to present the case in a manner that is most favorable to the disabled veteran.

If your application is denied, an attorney can appeal that decision and get you the benefits you deserve. You are never charged a fee unless your appeal is won!

How Do I Obtain Disability Benefits from the VA?

The initial phase of the claims process is to file an Application for Compensation with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. The claims analyst in charge of your claim may require that you undergo a medical examination.

After reviewing all of your medical evidence and the results of the VA’s medical examination, the claims analyst will send you a written letter advising you as to whether your benefits will be granted.


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