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$200,000 Personal Injury Scam

A Manhattan lawsuit charges that a bankrupt ambulance-chaser scammed $200K from a cash-advance company that did business with her clients.  

Marina Trubitsky filed bogus, inflated and/or contrived personal-injury claims on behalf of her clients.  She then induced the cash-advance firm, Green Legal Funding of Queens, to work with at least four clients.  The company handed out cash advances to the personal-injury plaintiffs, betting that the amount they gave them would be offset by their eventual settlements.

Ms. Trubitsky took commissions and other fees from her clients’ cash advances, which Green says were supposed to pay for medical services that were never performed.  She is also accused of setting up shell companies as part of the scheme. Green says Ms. Trubitsky’s actions were “wanton, willful, malicious and morally culpable, and were done in bad faith.”

Ms. Trubitsky filed for bankruptcy in March of this year, citing $500,000 in business debts.