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Over $370K Obtained for Client Injured at Work

Workers who are employed at physically demanding jobs set off each day with confidence the safety factors put in place to protect them on the work-site will prevent any accidents.  But you can’t plan for everything, as Paul, a long-time truck driver found out.  In June of 2013, Paul stepped out of his truck, caught his foot in the step, and fell five feet to the ground.

Paul suffered extensive injuries from his fall, including his shoulders, both knees, his right hip, cervical spine and left elbow.

“In February 2014, he had neck surgery, then later in 2014 and 2015 Paul had surgery on both knees to repair torn ligaments,” said Jeffrey Freedman, managing attorney, Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys, PLLC. “A year ago this past February surgeons operated on his elbow and wrist, which left him with a painful nerve condition called RSD.  When he developed the RSD the doctors elected not to do other surgeries they had planned because they felt it would worsen the condition.”

Ultimately, Paul could no longer work, however, the Workers Compensation insurer was resisting paying fair compensation for the extent of his pain and lost income.  After litigation for the permanent damages Paul had suffered, Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys, PLLC working jointly with the law firm of Gielowski, Federice & Caligiuri, LLP got him a settlement of more than $370,000, including an annuity to provide Paul with some income for the rest of his life. In addition there is a guarantee of Medicare coverage (Paul was under age 65) in the event the funds run out. The settlement was in addition to cash and medical benefits he received to cover his medical procedures, medications, therapy and lost wages.

“In an instant, Paul’s life was changed forever and nothing would bring it back.  This settlement was the best possible outcome for him and his family. Our office was honored to help Paul through this difficult claim,” Freedman said.