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Abused at Work? You Could Get Fired for That.

In July, Maurice Rucker was fired from his job at a Home Depot in Albany, NY.  A man, who has never been identified, approached Mr. Rucker’s checkout line with a dog.  Mr. Rucker asked the man to put his dog on a leash to comply with the store’s policy, and the man exploded.

The man yelled: “If Trump wasn’t president, you wouldn’t even have a job.  You’re from the ghetto, what do you know?”

Mr. Rucker is black.

The man also screamed expletives and racial slurs at Mr. Rucker and shouted that former president Barack Obama is Muslim.  Mr. Rucker responded: “You’re lucky I’m at work right now because if not, you wouldn’t be talking to me like this.”

Initially, Home Depot said they fired Mr. Rucker because he failed to “disengage and alert management about a customer confrontation,” but after an outpouring of support for Mr. Rucker swept the city, Home Depot offered Mr. Rucker his job back.  He declined to accept.

“I’m a black man, and I have dealt with all levels of racism all my life.  I am not going to accept racist behavior at work, home, the streets, or anyplace else,” Mr. Rucker explained.