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Accidents with Commercial Trucks

By January 15, 2018Personal Injury

If you are involved in an accident with a large commercial truck, who is at fault may be more convoluted than you realize.  The first step to take is to contact an experienced personal injury attorney who will assist you in protecting your rights.

The commercial trucking industry includes a wide range of players, so one or more entities may be liable for your injuries.

The truck driver may be liable.  If the truck driver’s negligence was the cause of your accident, he or she may be the party at fault for your injuries.  Many truck drivers carry their own insurance policies, but even if they do not have their own insurance, they may still be liable.

The truck driver’s employer may be liable.  The employer’s liability is based on the theory of vicarious liability, meaning although the employer did not directly cause the accident, the employer’s agent did.  As a result, many trucking companies are required to carry insurance.

The trailer owner may be liable.  If the accident was caused because the trailer was not properly attached to the truck because of an equipment malfunction, or the signals or lights did not work, and the trailer company failed to perform appropriate maintenance, they may be held liable.

The cargo supplier may be liable if cargo falls out or off the truck and causes a crash.  Lastly, if there are multiple vehicles involved in the accident, another vehicle driver may be held liable for negligence if he or she caused the accident.