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Attorney Christopher Kerr Has Busy December Settling Cases

Buffalo, NY – Attorney Christopher Kerr of Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys, PLLC has settled multiple personal injury cases in the month of December, 2013. Each of the five cases, all of which involved automobile accidents, resulted in six-figure settlements for Mr. Kerr’s clients.

According to Mr. Kerr, these settlements come at a good time of year for accident victims, who have often suffered financial losses beyond what is compensated by no-fault insurance. “From mid- November until the end of the year, I don’t take any time off. I try to be available when needed. Insurance companies, for their own business reasons, are often pushing to resolve claims at this time of year,” Kerr said. “I’ve found I can get good results for our clients by capitalizing on these known insurance company practices in the final months of the year. We often end up involving supervisors at the insurance companies who have the authority to settle six-figure cases.”

The motor vehicle accident cases Kerr settled involved both passengers and drivers, and, in one instance, a client was struck down by a vehicle on the way to his employer’s parking lot. Among the drivers’ cases, one involved an individual with a disability whose vehicle was struck in a chain reaction. The client required further spinal surgery. Other accidents involved a crash at an intersection where the client required wrist surgery and a rear-end accident where the client required spine surgery.

According to attorney Kerr, two of the cases were settled without the need for a lawsuit, two others were suits settled before trial, and one case was an underinsured motorist claim settled before arbitration.

Mr. Kerr also settled multiple smaller cases within this time frame. He stated that he gets tremendous professional satisfaction from obtaining settlements for his clients during the holiday season.