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Blatant Disregard at VA Nursing Home

By November 28, 2018VA Disability

When investigators arrived at the Department of Veterans Affairs nursing home in Brockton, MA, they did not have to look far to discover signs of patient neglect.  They immediately found a nurse and a nurse’s aide asleep during their shifts.

As a result of the investigation, a scathing internal report has been released about the facility.  The agency’s own ranking systems lists the Brockton nursing home as one-star, which is the lowest rating possible.  The reports states: “We have significant concern about the blatant disregard for veteran safety by the registered nurses and certified nurse assistants.”

USA Today and the Boston Globe released information about VA nursing home care in June of this year.  Care at more than 100 VA nursing homes across the country scored worse than private nursing homes on a majority of key quality indicators in 2017.

At the Brockton facility, residents were more likely than residents at other VA nursing homes to feel serious pain, deteriorate, or suffer from bedsores, according to VA data.

The investigators came to the nursing home because of a call from one of the home’s nurses who believed residents were receiving sub-standard care and was appalled that veterans could be treated so poorly after their sacrifice and service.