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CVS “Burden”

Dana Paladino has worked for CVS for years.  She suffers from cerebral palsy, but that never stopped her from getting perfect reviews for the past fifteen years that she has worked in CVS’s pharmacy department.

Paladino’s physical limitations did not pose any problems to her ability to perform her work duties until May 2017.  That was when CVS hired Michelle Richards as the lead technician in the store where Paladino worked. According to the lawsuit Paladino has filed, around July 2017, Richards told her that “either you’re going to quit, or I’m going to get you fired.”

From that point on, Richards worked Paladino hard.  Paladino can only get around on arm crutches, so one day when Richards pushed her too far, Paladino’s foot split open.  When Paladino returned to work with a doctor’s note to limit her movement, Richards allegedly said she has asthma and should get an excuse to get out of work, too.

Since Paladino’s foot injury, her hours have been reduced, which puts her at risk for losing her health insurance.  She has also been forced to rotate been stores and work nights, even though the company knows she has trouble seeing well in the dark.  When Paladino complained about the changes, she was told her inability to work nights was a “preference,” rather than a disability.

Paladino has charged CVS with discrimination and requests an unspecified amount in damages.