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Distracted Driving Isn’t Going Anywhere

By April 12, 2019 Personal Injury
Distracted Driving Isn’t Going Anywhere

Travelers Companies recently released its 2019 Travelers Risk Index that surveyed over 2,000 executives and consumers about distracted driving and the reasons why so many people engage in dangerous behaviors behind the wheel.

The most common distractions the report identified were: using social media; typing texts or emails; taking photos or recording videos; and online shopping.

Almost 8 out of every 10 consumers surveyed admitted to talking on the phone while driving, and over 30 percent said they had been in a near-miss crash situation because they were distracted at the time.

What is more alarming, however, is that despite these experiences, many people said they would not stop engaging in distracted driving. 13 percent said that it would be hard to stop reading texts or emails when driving, and 11 percent said it would be difficult to stop typing them. 19 percent went so far as to say they would still drive distracted, even if it were against the law.

The 2019 index also provided commentary on workplace considerations. The average cost of a crash is almost $1 million per death and over $78,000 for each nonfatal, disabling injury. However, 12 percent of executives do not worry about liability they will face if a crash is caused by a distracted employee.

Having conversations about distracted driving can make a difference. Two-thirds of parents surveyed have talked to their children, and the same amount of companies have created an employee education program about distracted driving dangers and how to avoid them.