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Dollywood Disaster

Last July, Melissa Stone suffered an injury while on a ride at Dollywood. She is seeking millions in compensation for these injuries that allegedly resulted from a ride on the RiverRush Water Coaster at the Dollywood Splash Country Water Adventure Park.

According to Ms. Stone, her raft reached the peak of the coaster’s incline before it propelled her off her seat and back onto the raft’s hard surface.

The lawsuit claims that the designers of the ride, Pro Slide Technology, were negligent in their design, and Dolly Parton Productions failed to inspect the ride properly.

If you are interested in visiting the RiverRush Water Coaster, the Dollywood website describes it as the first and only ride of its kind in the state. On the coaster, you will race through trees four stories in the air accompanied by four drops along 1,175 feet of track that includes dark tunnels and many hairpin turns.

As always, if you are injured on any amusement park ride, seek medical attention immediately. If you believe your injuries may be the result of the amusement park’s negligence, contact a trusted personal injury attorney shortly thereafter.