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Drone Protection

By January 4, 2019Firm News
Drone Protection

Drones, once limited to science fiction, are now everywhere.  People enjoy them recreationally, and some companies use them to deliver packages.  But drones equipped with cameras pose risks to privacy and security for unsuspecting individuals.

In October 2017, Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf signed a bill into law that provides warranted protections.  The bill increases criminal penalties for using drones to spy or conduct surveillance on people in private places.

The bill also makes it a second-degree felony to provide, transmit, deliver, or furnish contraband to a person in prison or in a mental hospital.

Governor Wolf commented: “With the rise in popularity of drones with video cameras, this is a commonsense step to prevent the use of drones to invade someone’s privacy.  Drones should not be a tool to spy on someone in their yard or through their window.”