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EEOC Update

Before the end of last year, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released its Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 Performance and Accountability Report (PAR). They reported increases in outreach and enforcement actions designed to prevent and remedy employment discrimination.

The EEOC launched a nationwide online inquiry system that included the ability to make appointments on the EEOC Public Portal, which resulted in a 30 percent increase in inquiries and 40,000 intake interviews.

The EEOC’s outreach programs reached almost 400,000 people to provide them with employment discrimination information and alerting them to their workplace rights and responsibilities.

In order to combat persistent workplace harassment, the EEOC ran over 300 respectful workplace trainings in the federal, public, and private sectors.

The EEOC obtained relief for over 67,000 victims of workplace discrimination, resulting in almost $505 million for the claimants. In order to do so, the EEOC resolved 141 merit lawsuits and filed 199 more of them in FY 2018.

As Victoria A Lipnic, EEOC Acting Chair, stated: “Many people in thousands of workplaces across the country depend every day on the work of the EEOC. I am proud to say that the EEOC met the increased demand for our expertise, for information and training, and for strong enforcement to combat all forms of discrimination, including sexual harassment.”