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Employer Discrimination Under Reported

Employment discrimination is a difficult area of the law in which plaintiffs can succeed.  Many of the women who have stepped forward to tell their stories of being victims of harassment and workplace wrongdoing have come from white collar jobs.  There are concerns blue collar workers will not see much improvement, despite the increased dialogue.

A common route for employees who did not have access to legal counsel is to file a claim through the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission.   Americans file around 90,000 charges of workplace discrimination and retaliation every year.

Every charge is recorded by the EEOC, and they can investigate charges on their own or delegate charges to a state fair employment practices agency.  Employees can file their claims directly to the EEOC or with state agencies.  State agencies also handle all complaints from employees of small businesses.

However, the number of claims does not accurately represent the number of people who face discrimination, harassment, or retaliation on a daily basis.  Between 70-90% of employees who have suffered harassment do not say anything.