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Fired Over Toilet Paper

Imagine being constantly mocked by your supervisors for using too much toilet paper.  That’s what Tracey Boudine, age 50 claims in her lawsuit against Wise Public Relations.

Tracey claims she was teased about her need to use the bathroom and her need as a women to use toilet paper more frequently when using the bathroom.  Further, her bosses put a limit on how much toilet paper she could use.  No limitations were placed on male employees.

She claims she was relegated to using bathrooms in nearby gyms and fast food restaurants.  As a result she spent a lot of mental energy worrying about basic biological functions. She also claims she was  denied by her supervisors access to more lucrative clients which were given to male employees. Tracey complained to the company’s founder and president but her concerns were ignored.

Tracey’s lawyer then sent a letter to the company claiming Tracey suffered discrimination and possibly harassment on the basis of her gender.  Within hours of receiving the letter she was fired from the company.  The company claims they don’t tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination.  They are confident there was no wrongdoing.

Boudine in her suit is seeking lost wages, back pay and unspecified damages.