Firm helps five veterans get higher disability

By November 10, 2020November 17th, 2020Firm News
Firm helps five veterans get higher disability

This past September our team settled five Veterans Disability cases, helping our clients increase their disability ratings, thereby obtaining 25 percent higher guaranteed income for them and their families for the remainder of their lives.

As with many Veterans Disability claims, the Veterans Administration (VA) reviewed these cases and determined the servicemen and women were disabled, but that they still had some ability to earn income. When the veterans tried to find work they could handle, however, they quickly found either they could not work at all due to the mental and physical stress; or there were no jobs available in the local economy that would accommodate their disabilities. This left these five individuals struggling to survive on partial disability payments.

The attorneys and staff who work with our firm understand how difficult it is for veterans who are living with physical and mental disabilities to go to bat for themselves against the Veterans Administration. We have decades of experience listening to clients, assessing their actual levels of ability, and interpreting the law as it applies to Veterans Disability cases. We know how to gather the documentation needed to prove to the VA that an individual is unable to work enough to supplement the income provided by a low rating.

Our veterans sign up to serve our country with the guarantee if something happens to them and they are unable to work they will be looked after. The team at Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys, PLLC, strongly believes that promise must be honored, and we will work as hard as it takes to ensure veterans who work with us get what they deserve.

If you are a veteran (or you know a veteran), who is struggling to live on the income provided by a disability rating that may be too low, contact Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys, PLLC at or call 855-847-8969. We’re here to help.