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Five veterans see improved income through disability benefits appeals

By April 21, 2021August 18th, 2022VA Disability

Last month, five veterans who contacted Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys for assistance with their disability claims received either an increase in disability benefits or were awarded benefits for the first time. Two of the claims were brought to the firm in 2013; two others in 2014; and the last reached out to us in 2017. To qualify for VA disability benefits, the veteran must establish that they suffer from a disabling mental or physical condition as a result of their active duty.

“It’s always satisfying to see veterans get the benefits that were promised to them,” said Christopher J. Grover, attorney. “Five families are better off because they picked up the phone to ask for assistance.”

The Veterans Administration disability application process is challenging, which is why many veterans need the assistance of an attorney with expertise in this area of the law. “It is sometimes difficult to understand the ratings that are first assigned to these vets by the VA considering the extent of their injuries,” Grover said. “The final case was rated at 90 percent (80 percent for a back injury, 50 percent for PTSD, 20 percent for a lower extremity injury and 10 percent for a fractured foot. Ultimately, the veteran could not work, and the VA finally recognized that fact, so he will now receive payments at 100 percent.”

Going through the appeals process is laborious and time-consuming, but with a knowledgeable attorney and perseverance these veterans received back benefits and an improved standard of living. Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys provides free consultations for veterans who need assistance with disability claims. The firm can be reached at 1-800-343-8537.