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Freedman firm obtains $750K for client’s slip and fall injury

By October 11, 2017 Personal Injury

Jeffrey Freedman Attorneys, PLLC, recently negotiated a settlement of $750,000 for a 29-year-old client who slipped and fell at a Denny’s restaurant.  The client had overcome a below-the-knee amputation, was working full-time, and living his life to the fullest.  Then, he slipped and fell at this restaurant where employees had wet-mopped the floor and failed to put up signs or warnings.  Brian D. Knauth, the lead attorney in our personal injury department, met with the client shortly after the incident, counseled him, and was retained to prosecute the claim against the restaurant.  Knauth was able to finalize a settlement shortly after the client completed his medical treatment.

“The injury happened two years ago and the client was in treatment for a year and a half.  Immediately following the accident, we forced the defendant and insurance company to admit fault.  We had secured video footage so there was solid evidence of the cause of the accident,” said Knauth, who has been working in the area of personal injury law for more than 20 years.

“The client’s life was significantly changed by this incident.  He had two surgeries, plus rehab and therapy.  He will live with pain and limitations for the rest of his life. This award is fair compensation for the extent of his injuries.”

The $750,000 offer was based on the client’s pain and suffering, lost time from work, and medical expenses.  In this case, the insurance company was aware of Knauth’s track record and experience in the courtroom. Knauth, who previously represented defendants in personal injury cases and understands how the insurance companies operate, has been very successful representing injured clients.

“The carrier was afraid that in this case a jury would greatly empathize with the client, and award significant dollars, especially for the future impact on his life.  The carrier opted to settle out-of-court,” Knauth said. “The client was very pleased with the results as he never expected such a high settlement offer.”  Initially, the insurance company offered the client just $30,000.00.