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Government Perks

By December 27, 2018October 26th, 2020Uncategorized

With all the talk of a government shutdown, it is worth remembering that, when they can work, federal government employees have much to be thankful for.  The government pays more in salary in benefits than the private sector, they offer as many as 43 days off, they match retirement funding at higher rates, and their healthcare systems provides 300 plan choices.

A new Heritage Foundation report, along with the Trump Administration, may soon put an end to government perks as we know them.  President Trump is calling for major reforms to reduce the $276 billion cost to employ 2 million federal government workers.

Some of the goals of the Trump Administration include modernizing the federal workforce by automating easy jobs, making it easier to hire and fire federal employees, and refocusing on IT.

Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, slated to become President Trump’s next chief of staff, has made hiring and firing ease a priority: “Employee performance should come first when it comes to basic human resources decisions.  The federal government should remove red tape that prevents agencies from hiring, promoting, and retaining top talent.”

To keep things in perspective, the report revealed that: federal workers earn 22 to 40% more than private sector workers; paid time off includes 10 federal holidays, 13 paid sick days, and 20 vacation days; employees receive scheduled pay and cost of living increases; the government pays 72% of healthcare premiums; retirement matching is at 15 to 18%; and retirement comes at age 55 if the employee has worked 30 years.