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Have a Therapy Dog? Avoid the Soho House.

Hyun Jae Jung, a fashion blogger who currently has 49,000 followers on Instagram, recently filed a lawsuit against the trendy NYC hotspot, Soho House.  Ms. Jung alleges that the Soho House supervisor, Karen Pinckney-Sanchezl, did not believe in the power of Ms. Jung’s psychiatrist-approved emotional support animal.

The animal in question is Ms. Jung’s French bulldog.  According to the lawsuit, Ms. Pinckney-Sanchez demanded: “Show me what your dog does of service to you.”  As therapy dogs do not tend to be trained circus acts, Ms. Pinckney-Sanchez was not satisfied, and both patrons were removed from the premises in the middle of their meal.  The next day, Ms. Jung’s membership to the club (with seven months remaining) was terminated.

As Ms. Jung stated in her lawsuit: “Service dogs and emotional support animals are essential tools for people with disabilities, accompanying them in public places and facilitating their assimilation into society.”

The plaintiff requested unspecified damages and a court order that will allow her and her dog to regain entry into Soho House.  Soho House retorted that her allegations are “totally without merit.”