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Impaired Doctor and Veteran Death

Impaired Doctor / Veteran Death

Earlier in June, the Department of Veterans Affairs confirmed that an impaired doctor who worked at the Fayetteville VA Medical Center in North Carolina contributed to the deaths of several veterans.

The results of an audit at the facility from 2005 to 2017 show that Dr. Robert Morris Levy, a VA pathologist, missed 30 diagnoses that put veterans at serious risk. Fifteen of the veterans whose diagnosis Dr. Levy missed are now dead, but the degree to which his negligence played a part in their deaths is not known.

Patients and family members of those veterans whose diagnoses went unnoticed have been contacted by the VA. The VA found over 3,000 errors committed by Dr. Levy, but it says most of them were inconsequential, and they plan to send out an additional 700 letters to affected veterans by September 2019.

Dr. Levy was finally terminated after he was found working while impaired multiple times. Representative Steve Womack observed: “America’s veterans deserve better. We are all saddened by the hardships imposed on our heroes by one doctor, and accountability isn’t limited to his dismissal. The entire chain of command must ensure this situation never repeats itself.”