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Increased VA Benefits

If you are injured and are receiving disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, your monthly benefits might increase if your condition worsens.

There are a couple of ways you can apply for an increase in disability benefits. You can submit a request for compensation for a new disability, or you can file for an increase in benefits because your existing disability worsened.

Most people file a claim for a new disability if they filed before and were denied. And sometimes a military injury can result in one initial condition, but later on another separate condition develops from the same source injury. If that situation applies to you, file a new claim with the VA.

If the disability you have gets worse, or you experience increased pain or new symptoms. Filing for increased benefits for an existing condition requires medical proof, much as your initial claim did. You can provide proof from your own doctor or a VA physician.

When you file to increase your disability compensation, you are exposing your existing claim to reevaluation. It is possible that the VA will reduce or terminate your current disability rating, so be sure that your claim is well-supported. If your disability has persisted for ten years or more, however, the VA will rarely terminate your benefits.