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Increased Workers’ Compensation Claims from High Deductibles

Increased Workers’ Compensation Claims from High Deductibles

The Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) released a new study that considered whether employees who are injured at work are more likely to file under their employer’s workers’ compensation (WC) rather than through their group health insurance with a high deductible plan.

The results of the study indicate that they are more likely to file for WC, which is meaningful, since the number of Americans with high deductible health insurance policies is growing.

John Ruser, who is the WCRI’s CEO and president explained: “In years past, workers may have chosen to have a work injury covered within their group health plan. But the increasing cost of deductibles may cause them to consider having the injury covered—where it potentially belongs—in the workers’ compensation system, where there are no deductibles or copayments for the medical care they receive. “

By filing through the WC system, injured workers avoid the excessively high out-of-pocket costs they would face otherwise in a high deductible health insurance plan.