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Personal Injury Meeting

Personal Injury Meeting

If you have been hurt in an accident and are looking to hire an attorney to help you obtain the benefits you deserve, it may help to prepare in advance for a few things.

First, write down all the details you can about the accident. It will save time and frustration if you come to the table with as clear an understanding of what took place as possible. And you will do your attorney a favor if he or she learns details sooner rather than later.

Present any evidence you have of what took place. If you have pictures of damage and copies of medical or police reports, the initial consultation is a great time to present them to the person you wish to represent you.

Be prepared to discuss money, since the whole point of filing a personal injury claim is to receive financial remuneration for your injuries. You should be comfortable talking about how much money you hope to receive and how much money your attorney will get for taking your case.

Lastly, come up with a timeline with your attorney to manage expectations about the process. This way you’ll know approximately how much time it should take before your case goes to trial and how long it will take to receive money after the trial is over.