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Playground Prank

Playground Prank

Ah, the carefree days of high school senior pranks. On the brink of graduation and about to become adults, many students feel the need to engage in humorous activity. At best, these pranks cause inconveniences. At worst, people get hurt.

Seniors at Sophia B Wright in New Orleans, LA learned the hard way that not everyone is amused by childish antics. After participating in a water fight inside and outside the school, many students are facing harsh punishments.

According to the school, this “harmless” prank caused personal injury and building damage. As a result, some students were expelled, and others were suspended and banned from future activities, including prom and graduation.

The school asserts that they warned parents that if their children participated in the prank, they would be punished. But while the students admit they were also warned, the consequences were not specified, and they said they never envisioned they would be so severe.

The school’s principal, Sharon Clark, says that “it is possible damage caused by these students will result in criminal and civil actions.” The affected parents are fighting back.