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Potentially Deadly Axe Incident Aired on Live TV

A West Point drummer, Jeff Prosperie, has filed a lawsuit in New York Supreme Court against Fox News, “Fox and Friends,” the program’s co-host, Peter Hegseth, and a dozen other defendants after an incident that occurred almost three years ago because Mr. Prosperie was allegedly struck by an axe thrown during a live episode of the Fox program.

Prior to the incident, Mr. Prosperie performed with other members of the West Point’s Hellcats band outside the Fox News studio in Manhattan.  Then, Mr. Prosperie claims that Mr. Hegseth threw an axe and hit him, which caused him “sever and serious personal injuries to his mind and body,” according to his attorney’s allegations.

Apparently, Mr. Hegseth was attempting to throw the axe at a target between himself and the West Point band and missed and hit the drummer instead.  As a result, Mr. Prosperie’s attorneys say that the errant axe caused “permanent effects of pain, disability, disfigurement, and loss of body function.”

The lawsuit further states that Mr. Hegseth acted “negligent, wanton, reckless, and careless in, among other things, throwing an axe in an area where he knew or should have known that pedestrians were present; in not properly securing the area, in not adequately checking to see if the area was secure; in attempting to throw an axe in public when not properly able; in attempting to throw an axe in public without proper training, and in failure to properly look for pedestrians while performing a dangerous act in public.”