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Proposal to Increase Veterans’ Disability Benefits

By August 15, 2018VA Disability

If you are a recipient of social security benefits, your benefit amount increases as the cost of living continually changes.  But the same cannot be said for veterans receiving disability benefits through the Veterans Administration.

Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut has proposed bipartisan legislation that will increase the disability benefits that veterans receive in accordance with adjustments to the cost of living.

The American Legion has weighed in, explaining that the proposed legislation makes it easier for veterans to maintain their standard of living.  Increased benefits can also be passed on to survivors of a member of the military who died from service-related injuries.

Larry Lohmann, Assistant of American Legion Legislative Division stated: “It’s not like a windfall or something for the veteran where they get lining in their pockets, it just keeps them up literally being able to buy that gallon of milk or that loaf of bread.”