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Returning to Work After a Disability

By September 25, 2019October 24th, 2019Social Security Disability
Returning to Work After a Disability

If you have filed a claim for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), you might be frustrated with how long it takes to obtain a decision and try to return to work. Before you do, there are important considerations to make.

As a general rule, your claim will be null and void if you decide to return to work. That is because, in order to obtain SSDI benefits, you need to be completely disabled and unable to perform any kind of work. If, however, you missed twelve consecutive months of work because of your disability or condition but later returned to work, you might be able to proceed with your claim. In that case, you would apply for a closed period of disability and, if approved, receive benefits for the twelve or more months that you could not work.

The same thing goes for returning to work part-time. If you can work part-time, the Social Security Administration will likely think you have the capacity to work full-time. But if you try out part-time work and realize you cannot do it, your work attempt will be deemed unsuccessful, and you will still be entitled to benefits. In fact, trying to return to work makes your claim even more credible because you’re showing SSA that you truly do wish to work, you simply cannot because of your disability or condition.

Before making any decision to return to work, talk to your lawyer about your options and how they might impact your claim.