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Scooter Class-Action

By December 4, 2018Personal Injury

Scooters are a fun and easy way to get around town.  But, according to a class-action lawsuit that originated in California, they can also lead to substantial injuries, both to pedestrians and riders themselves.

The lawsuit, recently filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, cites chipped teeth, bruises, broken bones, and stitched lips as some of the most common injures resulting from scooter use.  The lawsuit goes after Bird and Lime, the two biggest companies that provide short-term, on-demand scooter rentals in California, and Xiaomi and Segway, the companies that manufacture them.

As alleged in the lawsuit, Bird and Lime knowingly distributed the scooters for recreational and personal use that cannot withstand the rigors or daily transportation use.  They also did not provide enough helmets or safety instructions to riders. Not only do the scooters cause injuries to their riders, reckless scooter riders crash into pedestrians at an alarming rate.

Although Bird does not deny the allegations, it says that personal injury attorneys should be more focused on car injuries that cause 40,000 deaths in the United States each year.  Catherine Lerer, an attorney for the law firm that brought the lawsuit, explained that such sentiments do not obviate the companies’ responsibilities, since people are being injured because brakes are failing, handlebar posts are collapsing, and throttles are seizing.